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Brand Identity

Your brand is your identity. It’s what makes you different from the others. But most of all, it creates customers who are loyal to you. Gallagher & Gallagher uses a comprehensive, consultative, and proprietary brand-development process that serves to unify, strengthen, and clearly convey existing brands. You may be happy with your identity, but just want to solidify your position in your market. This Brand Wash process acknowledges that a well-established brand often has different needs from an emerging brand—we see that our clients are not always looking to reinvent the wheel, merely to establish a new, clearer, and more fruitful direction. But, if you need a wheel reinvented, we can do that for you, too.

Our Brand Wash process is based on our years of experience and expertise in knowing what a brand is and how to strengthen its message. When thinking about your identity and what it means to you, it’s important to remember several ideas:

  1. A brand is one of your company’s most valuable assets.
  2. A brand is the sum of perceptions and promises made to the customer.
  3. The goal of a brand is to create an emotional connection between a company and its clients.
  4. A brand is not synonymous with positioning, messaging, marketing, advertising, PR, or communications—it’s what allows companies to do these things well.
  5. While marketing and advertising put a ‘face’ on the brand, every function of the company should fulfill on the brand promise.