Gallagher & Gallagher Worldwide is the internationally recognized multiple award-winning, full-service integrated marketing agency with more than a twenty-five year history of meeting clients needs and surpassing their expectations.  In an effort to convey our clients messages in a truly integrated way, we have worked extensively with all forms of new and traditional media.  Although we are conversant with the idioms of all different kinds of communications, we feel that our greatest value to a client comes from our big-picture understanding of client objectives and the media through which we can accomplish them.

The power of an integrated approach is in choosing from a full palette of media for the best, most targeted conveyance for each message, and in drawing from an understanding of your identity to make logical and consistent choices, so that each initiative adds to the equity of your brand.

Our award winning integrated marketing services and past performance include; brand launch consulting, retention and recruitment, brand activation, image development, strategic marketing, sponsorship management, market research, public relations and public information campaigns, media relations, public affairs, promotions, event deployment, community engagement, crisis management, advertising design & content, training for industry, military and civilian customers.   

As new forms of human communication emerge and develop, a clear compelling identity and a great story, well-told, remain as relevant and valuable as ever.

Gallagher & Gallagher Worldwide is exceptionally positioned with as a trusted consultant advisor.  A key form of differentiation is our trusted advisor model. This model is based upon our many years of experience as senior level advisors at the core of all of our customer service. Our overall success is based on a footprint of unwavering accountability, clearer communications, enhanced credibility and quality customer service. Another form of key differentiation stems from the span of our capabilities, which goes beyond consulting, into more than two decades of international award winning integrated strategic marketing and brand development for more than 22 federal agencies and major industries. This extended capability enables our advisors to fully comprehend the industry dynamics while providing quality deliverables and service to our customers.

The 5 Star rated and best selling GCRG has been used by contracting officers and also as part of Government Relations Curriculum at universities. It may be found in bookstores, at Amazon online, in college libraries and at other book sites.   The information on government contracting is plentiful, but sifting through extraneous information to find exactly what you need is an arduous task To ease the information gathering process, we have assembled as much pertinent information as possible to help your small business obtain resources and avoid some of the pitfalls, time, money and frustration commonly experienced in government contracting. We priced this book so all small businesses can afford it. We are not in the practice of consulting to small businesses on government contracting; we are a strategic marketing, branding and public outreach firm. We want small businesses to know that they can afford to venture into government contracting because the government has free workshops, conferences, seminars and training available to them. Table of Contents: 1. Government Terms 2. Certifications 3. Events 4. Websites 5. Contact Listings 6. Navigating Procurement Vehicles 7. Target Markets & Relationship Building 8. Sample Forms


Customer Reviews

5.0 out of 5 stars
  Reviews from: The Government Contractor's Resource Guide (Spiral-bound)
"From understanding government terms and acronyms to locating specific departments and programs, this book aides in guiding...through the processes necessary for successful government contracting. This guide is a MUST for every government contracting office and small business owner!" Maria Ferry

"This guide is an absolute lifesaver! If you are in search for information on how contracts work within the federal government - do yourself a favor and buy this book now!" --Todd Johnson

"I own a small business and my husband and I are searching for ways we can procure federal funding to help our business grow. Great book and has paid for itself within hours of reading." --Lisa Sazwolski

"This guide book helped me ascertain some of the complexities inherent when trying to figure out how, why, and where government contracting works. Thanks Gallagher & Gallagher." --Michael Petersen
The Government Contractor's Resource Guide is available in print and as downloadable e-book in bookstores, public libraries and academic institutions and online at e-stores such as (,  and others.

How To Succeed In A Testosterone World Without Losing Estrogen

Authored by Ms Daisy Gallagher

How to Succeed in a Testosterone World without Losing Estrogen is Daisy Gallagher's much awaited newest book - it highlights the challenges, obstacles, and lessons for woman in business. It is a must read for every woman and man who is interested in empowering women. This book is loaded with facts and statistics on the most comprehensive research made to date on women in America and the indispensable lessons learned from the author with over 30 years as a woman in business along with the insight of other successful when women have an equal seat at the table. 

5.0 out of 5 stars

Customer Reviews
"Thoroughly enjoyed this fast-paced, easy-to-apply book for women, entrepreneurs, future leaders, government contractors, and even MEN, like myself. As a business owner working in the DOD-Government space for 20 years I learned SO MUCH from the genius of Daisy Gallagher. Her marketing and business savvy is second to none. Come learn from Daisy Gallagher-super mom, business person, and mentor to women and men alike!!!" Charles Pettit - President, ITC, Inc.

"What a nourishing and informative book!!!"
Loula Loi Alafoyiannis, Founder Europe American Women Council (EAWC)

"Daisy Gallagher's business acumen is extraordinary. Her drive to succeed, exemplary. Still, the story does not end there. She has a razor-sharp mind and deep sensitivities toward serving and uplifting our human family. Only Daisy could write a book titled "How to Succeed In a Testosterone World Without Losing Estrogen" and keep business leaders, even government leaders, riveted." Al Cole, CBS Radio Host People of Distinction

How to Succeed In a Testosterone World Without Losing Estrogen is now available in bookstores, public libraries and academic institutions and online at e-stores such as (,  and others. 
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"For more than decades, we are privileged to serve on programs which make a difference in the world; it is one of the most fulfilling and rewarding experiences of any career and why we enjoy going to work every single day."  Here are just three examples;       

Here are just few examples;       

Defense Contractor - Senior Level

"Daisy's company provided me with outstanding support (TS/S includes Senior Officer Level PAO, Advisors, Instructor & Trainer).. Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Good Value"  Colonel M. Smith, US Army PM Soldier Weapons served as the Senior PM Officer for defense contract performed by Daisy Gallagher and company- former Colonel U.S. Army DASC, OSD AT&L, Product Manager ATACMS Block II, Military Assistant for Acquisition for Under Secretary of the Army, Project Manager Soldier Weapons, Director Armaments Engineering and Technology Center)


Private Sector - Global Strategist, Public Relations Expert, Extensive Network  

"Gallagher and her company have showcased astute first hand past performance experience, expert level knowledge and commitment to their customers in the sustainable and government contracting arena.    As the managing partner of a patent pending 100 million dollar sustainable technology company, I am abundantly pleased with the quality of work that I have been provided with by taking advantage of Gallagher’s services.  They have developed the social economic justification for my company...and provided expert knowledge...Their data base and connections are extensive beyond any I have come across...Their expertise and company capabilities, along with their commitment to go above and beyond, are unrivaled. Gallagher and company open doors and build and maintain lasting relationships...Their work ethics are unparalleled and their ability to connect second to none. They have truly been an irreplaceable asset to my company.  I would very highly recommend their services and expertise to anyone seeking such accommodations."  E.Bartolini, II, RRPA  


Daisy Gallagher and her team are among the VERY BEST of the BEST. Having won more than 100 awards for high performnce, customer satisfaction, creative project designs, and accomplishing the impossible - Gallagher & Gallagher is a WORLD CLASS company capable of marshalling projects in the US and abroad. I have worked side-by-side with Daisy in designing and presenting 3 Thought Leadership conferences. I have also participated in 3 World Green Energy Symposia she hosted. She is an OUTSTANDING teaming partner and I recommend her and her team WITHOUT RESERVATION. I look forward to the NEXT TIME Daisy and I can work together. She is that rare professional who delivers more than is expected and achieves results no others could!!! She is AWESOME!!! 

S. Pettit, International Training Consortium, Inc.

Network, Executive Leadership,  

Thought Leadership Conference Executive Think Tank ™ Series 
for leaders, influencers and visionaries 

“The Thought Leadership Conference is One of the Most Important Think Tanks”   Al Cole, CBS Broadcaster, People of Distinction

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"This has been one of the most powerful, informative symposiums I have ever been to"  M.O.
"For more than two decades, we are privileged to serve on programs which make a difference in the world; it is one of the most fulfilling and rewarding experiences of any career and why we enjoy going to work every single day."