Creative Intelligence Defined


Founded in 1990, Gallagher & Gallagher, Worldwide, Inc. has received hundreds of awards and recognitions from industry, community & congress for business & community leadership and global awards for leadership and projects in the marketing, public relations and advertising industry. From a grass roots beginning, Gallagher has grown and was named one of the top 10 agencies by the Business Journal. The firm's recognitions include the International Artemis Award, Named One of the Top Five Women Businesses in Nation, Business Person of the Year, Woman Entrepreneur of the Year, Chamber of Commerce Citizen of the Year, Women In Communication SARAH Award for Public Relations, along with Public Relations Society Overall Excellence Award for two consecutive years for full government campaign initiatives, and numerous national & global awards for every category of the integrated marketing industry. For more than two decades the company has proudly served customers in both public and private sector and is sought after to perform initiatives due to its business acumen, past performance & professionalism which has made it a top agency highly respected by its own industry & colleagues and customers for its commitment to excellence, quality service and for bringing integrity and creative intelligence to every customers' initiative. The firm is platinum level certified green business.

Additional: Govt Agency Experience: DoD, VA, GSA, ATF, OPM, DOE, USPS, White House - GSA Schedule GS23F0121J/GS23F0120J/Cage Code #54161