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Testimonials from Gallagher & Gallagher’s Customers:


"Gallagher and her company have showcased astute first hand past performance experience, expert level knowledge and commitment to their customers. As the managing partner of a patent pending 100 million dollar sustainable technology company, I am abundantly pleased with the quality of work that I have been provided with by taking advantage of Gallagher’s services.  They have developed the social economic justification for my company, connected us with government agencies, and provided expert knowledge in the sustainable field and in government contracting and grant opportunities. Their expertise and company capabilities, along with their commitment to go above and beyond, are unrivaled. Their work ethics are unparalleled and their ability to connect people with the right businesses or government agencies is second to none.  They have truly been an irreplaceable asset to my company.  I would very highly recommend their services and expertise to anyone seeking such accommodations." (E.B Managing Partner - RRI )

"We (DOW) applaud WGES and its efforts to raise awareness of energy efficiency"
(DOW public statement on 2011 WGES as Global Partners of this premier global symposium outreach-Gallagher & Gallagher Worldwide lead organizers.) 

"Daisy's company provided me with outstanding support for media relations. Her personnel were coordinating and coaching subject matter experts on 2-3 interviews with reporters (TV, Radio, and particularly print) per week. We never had a bad article!” 
Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Good Value - 
(Colonel M. Smith, US Army PM Soldier Weapons retired/written 1/12/12 
first hired Daisy, while active, as Defense Contractor beg. 2003)

“I definitely know it could not have been done in the short time frame without the support of GALLAGHER. Unfortunately, it is common for GSA to call upon GALLAGHER to provide support in a short time frame however, you and your team have never let us down and we appreciate that.”
(T.J., project manager – the Agency Chief’s American Recovery & Reinvestment Act Conference)

“Conference was a huge success and the Core planning team at OPM thanks each of you for your hard work, dedication and attention to detail. We are pleased to have all of your hard work documented for the history books as it concerns this conference.”
J.B.Jr., US Office of Personnel Management. (Five-day government employee workforce conference – oversaw all aspects as prime contractor)

“I have found that the Gallagher & Gallagher Team provides an excellent range of professional services to their clients. The Gallagher & Gallagher Team is also flexible and responsive to their client’s needs.”
D.L, Program Manager, Office of Personnel Management. (Recruitment branding for OPM client)

“Monroe 2020 is a Model for the State of Pennsylvania”
The Honorable Tom Ridge, former Governor of Pennsylvania


"As far as education goes, Monroe 2020 is already a success"

Pocono Record editorial 


Gallagher & Gallagher Worldwide agency of record for development of brand creation & public outreach of the multiple award winning Monroe 2020 public education program

“The Public Education Program by Gallagher & Gallagher is a Success {referring to the most comprehensive program in state of PA at that time} ”
PA Newspaper

“You did an amazing job coordinating this project under far less than ideal circumstances.”
D.P. GSA-PBS, Washington DC

“The honesty, keen attention to detail, and creative ideas of the folks at Gallagher & Gallagher has been an incredible asset!”
G.W.,US General Services Administration, PBS, Mid-Atlantic Region

“In a word, you {Gallagher & Gallagher} ROCK!!!”
D.B., Deputy Chief Communications Division, Bureau of Economic Analysis.

“This project has been great ever since day one. Gallagher and Gallagher has set the standard that I will measure every other company against. It has truly been my pleasure to work with [Gallagher & Gallagher].”
T.W., United States Postal Inspection Service – (Complete Branding campaign used as success story by GSA at Expo – customer/industry partner 541 Schedule)

“Gallagher and Gallagher is extremely responsive, flexible and knowledgeable. Their staff’s can do approach and willingness to problem solve has aided us tremendously throughout the entire process. We are looking forward to working with Gallagher and Gallagher on the next phase of the project.”
R.J. PennDOT

“Gallagher & Gallagher has never failed to exceed our expectations.”
L.L., Aventis Pasteur (Fifteen years of leading internal and external branding and public outreach programs)

“We have found the firm is committed to a project from the top and they understand the external and internal environment.”
J.W., Commissioner


“Your time, effort and support is truly appreciated and your commitment allowed our conference to be a fabulous success."
J.W., Director, US General Services Administration, New York, New York

“I have worked on many projects with numerous advertising agencies during the past 20 years and your commitment to providing excellent customer service is among the best I have ever experienced.”
J.B., East Stroudsburg University of Pennsylvania

“We were impressed with the way your agency turned around our placement in such a short period of time."
Chief P., US Naval Recruitment, San Diego, California (National Media Relations, media placement campaign)

“The firm treats its assignments as a personal commitment to the Monroe County community, always striving to make the area a better place to live and work.”
D.D., Pocono Eco-Industrial Park/REACH (On-going branding campaign – national)

"The SBA's Philadelphia District office is honored to recognize and pay tribute to a firm who has shown financial strength, innovativeness of service and contributions to community-oriented projects."
T. T., Director, US Small Business Administration, Philadelphia Office

"They are a hard working agency committed to creating a high quality end product."
S. B., U.S. General Services Administration, Arlington,Virginia

Thank you for all of your hard work in regard to the Infrastructure Project….The governor’s office stated that the report was all inclusive and a great comprehensive package. Your ability to have all of the information available was because of the branding and education program and your having a pulse on the public. Your ability to pull all groups around the table helps you in getting things done. …Again, thanks for a job well done…”
P.R. educator/township supervisor (reference more than $11 million dollar package and the strategic ongoing campaign organized by Gallagher)

“You and your staff did a wonderful job on the GSA FAS Launches, GSA VETS GWAC Roll-out, GSA SmartPay Conference and others.”
G. P. GSA Director of Marketing referring to Gallagher & Gallagher performance on BPA for GSA  

“I've heard nothing but good things about this project. Thanks for helping us make it a success!!!”
AM, GSA, Project Manager for the GSA VETS GWAC Program.

Below are testimonials from leaders in industry, government and academia in reference to the World Green Energy Symposium  where Gallagher & Gallagher Worldwide are the lead organizers, examples on caliber of attendance & participants range from; Ms. Michelle Moore, White House; Mr.Kevin Kampschroer, GSA PBS; Dr. Kevin Geiss (Pentagon) Air Force, Mr. Richard Kidd (Pentagon) Army, Mayor, Governor, Nobel Laureates, Scientists, Corporate Officers, Renowned Professors of Major Universities, Delegates, state, local, federal agency executives and others;

"This has been one of the most powerful, informative symposiums I have ever been to..."

"My business partners and I attended and exhibited at the WGES and found the event to be informative, energetic, well-planned and well-attended. We met many people in the renewable energy industry with who we will be in contact to discuss opportunities to work together on sustainable development projects."

"We very much enjoyed the enthusiastic reception that we found the Symposium received from the general public, who seemed eager to learn about the different exhibitors, businesses, and the overall green message of the Symposium. We are already looking forward to the  next WGES!"

"We left the symposium with goals fulfilled and so much more. We will definitely be a part of the next WGES."

"Thank you and your team for a most informative and productive event at the World Green Symposium in Philadelphia PA, your staff demonstrated a high quality to satisfy the customers and exhibitors.

"The connections were fantastic."

"Having direct access to the DOE, GSA, US Army and other quality exhibitors made the event that much more successful. The connections and relations we developed will go a long way to drive revenue as well as developing long term business relations."

"Thank you so much organizers, sponsors and supporters for such a great excellence and commitment to a green community."

"We applaud the WGES for its efforts....."


(for more information & further testimonials see


Below is a brief list of the numerous industry awards Gallagher & Gallagher has received

Public Relations Society of America Award for Overall Excellence,Government Program

Public Relations Society of American Award for Overall Excellence, Environmental Program

International Crystal Award, Design Marketing Brochure

International Crystal Award, Video Production

International Crystal Award, Television Commercial

International Crystal Award, Television Commercial

International Crystal Award, Ad Design

Regional Ad Club Award, Ad Design, Mini-Campaign

International Crystal Award, Print Media

Northeastern Economic Developers Association Award of Excellence for Advertising and Direct Mail Campaign

Telly Awards, Film Production

Telly Awards, Film Production

National Vision Awards, Television Commercial

National Vision Awards, Educational Video

APEX Awards, Publication & Graphics Design

2017-18 Global Business Recipient  -  Ceremony Athens, Greece Award presented by Member of Parliament 

2018-19 Integrated Marketing Agency of the Year

2018-19 Most Influential Woman in Brand Marketing

Congressional Citations from Congress for Business Leadership & Community Service