Creative Intelligence Defined

Company History

It was September of 1990 and I began visualizing a company that would grow into a respected marketing firm... a company whose tone and message would be honest, enthusiastic, educational, and above all intelligent. The philosophy of this company was to be a simple one: serve with integrity, focus on teamwork, and generate the highest possible level of creativity. This company would have a team of the best creative minds anywhere working together to tailor its services in order to meet the individual needs of each client. A little part of everyone would be in everything produced.

This company would invest in the most advanced equipment available, keeping pace with the ever-improving technologies. The company would make its mark by giving its clients more than what they asked for, pushing the envelope when it came to detail, and never missing a deadline. All this would be done at an affordable price, while never compromising quality or service.

Today, Gallagher & Gallagher is considered a success story. The company has received numerous international and national awards and has an impressive client base. I believe the firm’s success lies in our uncompromising sense of ethics, teamwork and outstanding client service.

—Daisy Gallagher, Founder and CEO