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No Cost to Customer Event Deployment Services

We organize turnkey conferences for government agencies.  We bring more than 100 years combined experience in integrated marketing and outreach (event deployment). We are leaders in green event marketing with advanced project management capabilities. We have more than two decades of proven past performance working with both defense and civilian federal agencies. From one-day workshop sessions, to week-long training seminars we bring the following EXPERTISE to ensure YOUR SUCCESS and we;    


  • research the venue to ensure it meets environmental, ADA, and government standards,
  • negotiate the contracts and secure the venue, including food and beverage and A/V,
  • use our database suppliers, trainers, keynotes, and our database of interested participants along with your own agency’s list to attract the largest possible pool of targeted attendees and exhibitors for your training and outreach sessions,
  • develop all of the marketing deliverables in a professional and sustainable manner
  • create online marketing website design and registration with real-time reporting
  • develop any or all of the publicity (if desired), in addition to creating all of the marketing signage, banners, flyers, and invites (capabilities to do so in-house),   
  • provide experienced Onsite Registration Staffing Support,
  • capabilities and resources for performance of tasks in-house 




  • We have been in the federal space for more than two decades government contractors with past performance in high level integrated marketing & event deployment AND nation’s leading green event and industry award winning marketing experts.  This ensures that your event will meet and exceed all of the sustainable and training requirements – providing you with peace of mind and the assurance of a quality outcome. Tested & proven results.

What is a No Cost Event Deployment & Is This Acceptable

Using our NO COST event planning service, we support your government agency with programs and the personnel who run them in accomplishing their mission requirements

Generally, a “No-Cost” contract is a formal arrangement between a government entity and a government integrated marketing event deployment approved vendor under which the government makes no monetary payment for the vendor’s performance. GAO provides written guidance for the issuance of “No Cost” contracts. B-302811, July 12, 2004. “Under a typical no-cost contract, a vendor meeting the qualifications and proving past performance in event deployment provides a service that [an] agency would otherwise perform, but instead of receiving compensation from the agency, the vendor charges and retains fees [Assessed against third parties] for its services. B-300248, Jan. 15, 2004. All event services are required to be provided at no cost to the Government. All of the registration, exhibition, sponsorship and/or other fees collected serve as payment for performance under the task order, as there is “no cost” to the Government. All costs related to performance as defined in the task order and the government’s liability for payment of services under this task order is a zero liability for the government agency issuing the contract. (See GAO frequently asked questions – contact for a copy of the GAO ruling or access online)