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Strategic Marketing

Gallagher & Gallagher assists in the development of corporate and branding themes to support the strategic goals of our clients. Our first step in this process is to conduct a SWOT (Strength Weaknesses Opportunities and Threats) analysis. Using your strengths, we tailor a marketing plan and strategy that will bring you success. We then conduct an internal and external audit of stakeholders to identify the strengths/weaknesses of your products/services.

Gallagher & Gallagher also provides strategic and tactical marketing planning and management services. Research is the foundation for the success of these plans and Gallagher & Gallagher conducts the most thorough internal and external audits as part of the SWOT phase. This includes an in-depth analysis of market research, which allows us to identify your strengths and display them to your customers.

At the outset of any strategic project, the Gallagher & Gallagher team will determine the objectives based on the strategic plan. Research areas will include market analysis, including target audience and end-results, in addition to competitor data.

Gallagher & Gallagher develops and implements specific research methodologies including focus groups, surveys, and interviews with key personnel. We select the participants for the focus groups; provide logistical support, facilitation, and reporting methods. Surveys include a pre-study, pre-test,implementation, compilation, and analysis. Interviews require selection of target audience, the development of questions, a Gallagher & Gallagher marketing professional to conduct the interview,a recording system, the collection of data, and analysis.

The Gallagher & Gallagher team then uses its expertise and experience to compile and analyze all the data gained from these methodologies. We present the results to our clients and provide specific recommendations on implementing the marketing plan. Part of the analysis and interpretation of data generated by market research includes Return on investment (ROl) modeling. This information will serve as a basis for the evaluation of marketing investment. ROl modeling will include baseline measurements of current activity.